We are excited to have you join us in Madison for BIG STORIES + CLOSE (UP) RESEARCH: Health and Science in the African World in Madison, Wisconsin on April 15-16, 2016.

The study of health and science in Africa and the African Diaspora has arrived at a particularly vibrant and capacious moment. New frontiers of inquiry are developing as a result of conversations among humanists, scientists, and social scientists. Recent research on vernacular science, examinations of so-called “global” science in its colonial and post-colonial incarnations, and scholarship on the reach, effect, and historical lineages of global health interventions have broadened the scale and scope of investigation. At the same time, much of the most innovative scholarship continues to draw on detailed ethnographic and historical research.

“Big Stories and Close (Up) Research” brings together a diverse group of scholars to explore the relationship between deeply grounded research and the larger narratives we tell about health and science in the African world. One of the main purposes of the conference is to generate conversation and discussion. To that end, we have organized several non-traditional panels. Each panelist will take 5-10 minutes to present on a case study, an object, an event, a data set, or a photograph, and to connect it to a “big story” about health in Africa or the African Diaspora. Panelists will then engage in conversation with the audience following each set of presentations.

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